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Teaser Tuesday #1

Rubrica creata da Should Be Reading
Buongiorno, miei cari lettori! Visto che avevo poche rubriche - certo come no!  >.> - mi è venuta la malsana idea di iniziare anche questa. Strano che non l'abbia fatto prima visto che adoro mettere citazioni :P Comunque iniziamo!

Regole del Teaser Tuesday   
  • Si posta di martedì (Tuesday);
  • Prendi il libro che stai leggendo in una pagina a caso;
  • Condividi un breve spezzone di quella pagina (Teaser);
  • Attento a non fare spoiler;
  • Riporta anche il titolo e l'autore così che i tuoi lettori possano aggiungere il libro alla loro wishlist se sono rimasti colpiti dall'estratto;

Rook, scelgo te! Vediamo di prendere una pagina moooolto a caso. Giuro che non baro XD

René was leaning forward, his curiosity on display. “Ancient clocks were marked with numbers,” he said, “but I have never understood how time can be held to a number. Every night it takes a little longer and a little longer for the moon to reach its height, or else a little less and a little less, but a clock makes the same number of ticks each day to get to the marking of highmoon. It cannot be accurate.”
 “That’s why clocks will never really work,” Spear said. “Technology can’t keep up with those kinds of changes. It does better with the sun, of course, the sun being more regular, and when the moon is full it’s not too far off. We’re only two or three days out from a full moon, so by the time we get to the city we should be able to go by the times marked, which is good. Another week and we’d be making guesses, especially at night …”
 “Well, I think you’re looking at it all wrong,” Sophia said, chin in hand, eyes on the symbols of sun and moon. “I’ve always thought that the Ancients could have used the clock to mark the time of day, instead of marking the time of day on a clock.”
 René leaned back. “Tell me what you mean, Mademoiselle.”
 “I mean that a clock is precise, divided up into even ticks, right? What if the Ancients used the number of ticks to mark the time of day, instead of the height of the sun or moon? So highmoon could happen here …” She put a finger on the space between middlemoon and highmoon. “… or even here.” She pointed to the area close to nethermoon. “That way highmoon is not the time; highmoon is happening at a different time every night. If you’re counting the ticks as time.”
 Spear chuckled. “You mean that two Ancients could agree to meet at highmoon, wait until the clock says it’s highmoon, look up in the sky, and see the moon still rising?”
 “Hence the preference for numbers on a clock,” she said, “rather than the symbol for highmoon.”
 “That’s mad, Sophie,” Spear said.
 René stretched his arms up behind his head. “No,” he said, holding Sophia’s eyes for a moment. “It is brilliant.”
Pag. 162 (ebook)

Avrei voluto tradurvelo ma sinceramente mi hanno messo in difficoltà alcuni termini perciò ho preferito risparmiarvi la mia orrenda traduzione. 
Mi raccomando, postatemi i vostri teaser :3 Li attendo con piacere.

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